The boutique brand journalism, content and copywriting consultancy specialising in fashion, beauty and lifestyle

Fashion, beauty and lifestyle brand journalism, content creation and copywriting is what The Editus does best. Being able to talk authentically and engagingly in this space is a specialty – one that your discerning audience will immediately pick up on. It takes more than a fleeting encounter with a beauty product or a designer bag to be able to capture a buyer or reader. It takes skill and know-how to craft the right tone, the right words and the right delivery that will ensure that your message is not only heard but ultimately remembered.

At the helm of The Editus is founder, Tania Gomez. A former editor with over 20 years experience in the media, whose work has appeared in InStyle, and The Guardian and has interviewed and worked with the likes of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Daniel Radcliffe, Lara Worthington, Hilary Duff and Kate Waterhouse.

Her expertise along with her attention to detail, a creative and innovative approach and a willingness to go above and beyond every brief ensures that you’re able to exceed your goals each and every time.

This is fashion, beauty and lifestyle done with precision, flair and style.

Past and Present Work

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